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On June 18th the Angels for Animals Foundation honored Cinnaminson Animal Hospital with the Compassion in Practice award.

  Cinnaminson Animal Hospital recieves Compassion in Practice award.  

Cinnaminson Animal Hospital was selected out of 2000 area veterinary practices for the Compassion in Practice award for donating time and funding for a family that could not afford pet care for their cat Milo (read Milo’s Story below). The award was presented at the Angels for Animals Black Tie Gala at the Crystal Tea Ballroom in the old Wannamaker building in downtown Philadelphia.

Angles for Animals, based in Swedesboro, NJ, is a non-profit organization that provides life saving healthcare to owners faced with euthanizing their pets due to financial hardship. The Angels for Animals Foundation raises money to help pet owners suffering from financial hardship to provide immediate, life-saving medical care for their beloved animals.

Photo: Chief of Staff Dr. Robyn Steiner (shown on right) and Hospital Manager Michael Lacivita receiving their Compassion in Practice award.

Milo’s Story
Joanie L’s neighbor recently passed away, leaving behind her loveable cat named Milo. Milo’s owner had no extended family and no next of kin to take care of him, so Joanie took him in. When Joanie brought him to Cinnaminson Animal Hospital for a routine check-up we sadly found that Milo was in kidney failure. Joanie wanted to the right thing for Milo but had a difficult financial situation so Cinnaminson Animal Hospital stepped in and picked up the tab for the majority of Milo’s services. We were so taken with Milo’s charming personality that many of our team members made house calls to help with administering Milo’s fluids and medication including pet sitting services when Joanie needed to go away for the weekend.

When Joanie moved back to the New England area, we decided to take Milo in full-time. He became our mascot and even had his own “apartment” complete with pictures of other cats, team members and action shots of him helping with hospital tasks. A year and a half later Milo’s big heart, energy and love weren’t able to outlast his kidney ailment. It was with a heavy heart that we all said our last goodbyes to Milo.

This may be the story of Milo, but it also tells the story of all the pets that Cinnaminson Animal Hospital has cared for over the last thirty years.